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Elektro project is mainly collaboration with electronic music producers to create mix of electronic with real instruments.

[2015-01-26] Abiogenesis

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My first track with electronic and hybrid instruments. Thanks to Mikhail Dioxin for helping me with this track. Libraries used:

U-He Zebra (Synth)
Impact Soundworks - Celestia (Hybrid)
Impact Soundworks - Juggernaut (Hybrid)
Sample Logic - Morphestra (Hybrid)

Comments by Morpeheus:

General Impression: Horror, Science Fiction, Rich, Developing, Disturbing

Abiogenesis... Life from chaos. Yet that may end up in dangerous places...

There is too many allusions and parallels for me between this track and Prometheus or Pandorum movies and UFO game. It opens with a beautiful, yet dead and unemotional, desert peace, which lasts almost without development, like Ambient music, long enough for the listener to stop expecting anything. The contemplation is total, consuming, yet unrewarding.

At 1:35 the first hints of an unpleasant life appear, and at 2:05 neutral character is lost forever to become a really terrorizing horror, lurking in darkness. This becomes almost unbearable, when the big hit at 2:43 comes, releasing a bit of pressure together with making the listener jump out of his skin.

The following big rhythm, created by these major hits, makes the sound shift to action horror, when the fight is already ongoing, however, the strings at 3:00 blow in another disturbing feeling of unknown crawling somewhere near,..

With the revelation of the alien/orc/me (yep, that's my voice) at 3:15 it all changes dramatically for the second time, now becoming a common running-fighting movie music. This is extremely well done, however, very rich and joyful, and after the secrets of darkness are no more, mind can enjoy some pure rhythm and dark, yet clear supercool emotions.

Conclusion: Absolutely great to listen if you need to wake yourself up in a rough way. Strong fear and rhythm catalyse thoughts. Can't imagine how cool that could be in some scene of a science fiction movie

[2014-07-23] Vakuum

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This is a track created by Frost Wyrm (using Fruity Loops) and me (Sample Modeling Oboe, Bassoon, Contrabassoon).

You can see Cubase visualization on youtube.

[2007-01-02] 5 Minutes Before You Awake

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This is very old track created by Frost Wyrm and me (Guitar)

You can contact me by email: rualark at

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