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Rhaos project is named for 'Random chaos'. It started in 2012. Rhaos music is based on mathematical methods of determined chaos modeling mixed with conventional music rules and performance habits.

[2013-07-07] Classic Radio Rock

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Rock for classical radio. A rock tune is used with CMix algorithm: each note determines the classical music track and the length determines the length of this track played. Also, some special patterns of tracks are used. Len: 02:52

[2013-07-02] Classic Radio Sextet

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This composition was created by a specially designed CMix algorithm, which allows to mix randomly selected audio segments of random length and random position.

Composition consists of six tracks of random classical compositions segments from my library of 5000 most known classical tracks by 150 most known composers. You can see the list of composers used here.

Idea of composition was influenced by John Cage - Imaginary Landscape No. 4 for 12 radios. I created the algorithm and the composition in the Hospital of Civil Aviation in Moscow.

Here you can see how the composition was created by robot. Len: 03:02

[2013-07-01] Classic Radio Evolution

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Composition consists of a single track of cross-faded random classical composition segments of random length (CMix algorithm used) from my library of 5000 most known classical tracks by 150 most known composers.

All 150 composers were sorted by birth year and then for each of them 1-2 compositions were selected, depending on how much composer is known.

So, first segments are from the most old composers and the last are from the most contemporary. You can see the list of composers used here. Len: 08:53

[2012-11-05] Western Train Suite

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Western Train Suite consists of 7 short parts: Magic, Fast, Slow, Fast, Dissonating, Slow, Magic. This is the result of adding a new function of creating multi-part compositions in QGen2 generator.

You can see the sheetmusic of this piece here.

You can see description of QGen2 algorithm used for generation here

Since the Emerald train I also added some general functionality (punctum rhythm of dotted crotchet and a quaver, reprises inside a piece and some bug fixes).

Watch with piano visualization (MIDITrail) here.

Library: Piano in Blue. Len: 06:56

[2012-10-10] Emerald Train

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I made a huge amount of upgrades to the QGen music generation algorithm during the last month (new dissonance detection and resolution, diatonic movements, new alterations filter, new arpeggio algorithm, new tempo robot, envelopes and many more. The result is Emerald Train. I am planning to write new article about the algorithm.

One important innovation is that now algorithm does not need any human editing even at the start and at the end of the piece.

Also, I decided to remove Train to Saint Petersburg and Train in the Mirror from public access, because they are very similar to other pieces. If you need copies, please write me and I will send you the links.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:25

[2012-09-21] Train to the Sky

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In Train to the Sky I added culmination detection, arpeggio, close voice movement, long note locks and many other less important features. You can see description of QGen algorithm used for generation here

Library: TruePianos. Len: 10:00

[2012-09-16] Everybody Needs At Least One Train

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In this composition I added chromatic turns and introductions. They are added only in specific conditions, including number of moving voices, direction of voice moves, length of notes, interval size and other.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:15

[2012-09-14] Last Train Home

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In Last Train Home I use some new ideas on melody separation and pausing. It makes music more phrased.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 09:34

[2012-09-12] Rainy Train

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I continue my experiments with random mixing, which started with City project.

Now I control the randomness with the standard quartet and polyphony classic music rules.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 09:26

[2012-08-30] Lost City

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In this tragic music there is no place for popular music beauty. It shows the real picture of the lost city with its hopelessness and weird consequences of fast leaving the city. The city is full of the past and reminiscence.

This atmosphere was inspired by the Pripyat city.

Watch with piano visualization (MIDITrail) here.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:37

[2012-08-29] City of Debris

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This composition is about Moscow, about its poor design and big money.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:30

[2012-08-28] Burning Down City

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The city is burning down and not much is left.

Watch with piano visualization (MIDITrail) here.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:44

[2012-08-27] Under the City

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Imagine you are under the city, several meters under the ground.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:29

[2012-08-26] Eastern City

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My brother says it is about some polish city, not eastern one :)

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:05

[2012-08-25] Gentle Killer City

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City is comfortable and diverse. City gives us bread and circuses. But City does it in a very intence manner, so that we cannot help going nervous and crazy.

Library: TruePianos. Len: 08:40

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